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Request parameters: imgid = http: //g-search3.alicdn.com/img/bao/uploaded/i4/O1CN01IDpcD81zHbpHs1YgT_ !! 2200811456689.jpg & cat =

Parameter description: imgid: picture address (support Taobao or Tmall picture address, external address first calls the upload picture (upload_img) interface, return the picture address)
such as: https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i3/15353738/TB2HDHAqN9YBuNjy0FfXXXIsVXa_ !! 15353738-0-beehive-scenes.jpg

Return value description
name Types of Whether privacy Example values description
title String Parent-child wear short-sleeved t-shirts social people clothes whole family one family mother and child mother and daughter cotton summer coat tide Baby title
list_type String Looks similar to baby List type
pic_url String //g-search3.alicdn.com/img/bao/uploaded/i4/TB26ry1rBsmBKNjSZFsXXaXSVXa_!!2628705716.jpg Baby pictures
promotion_price String 38.71 Special price
price Float 39.50 price
sales Int 7 Sales
num_iid Bigint 575727312808 Baby ID
sample_id Bigint 1627115368 Product style ID
seller_nick String Exclusive taste of dzw Treasurer nickname
post_fee String 0.00 Logistics costs
area String Guangdong Dongguan Store location
detail_url String //item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=575727312808&ns=1#detail Baby link